Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our initial product

Ride Qi strives to provide regular Joes like us a fashionable and functionable means to prevent windburn, goggle tans and other unsightly facial marks that may be looked upon unfavorably in a 9-5 environment. Face it, we have to work for the man to be able to afford to shred. It's a necessary evil and not everyone in your office might be as stoked as you regarding that sick goggle tan.

No doubt bandannas look great but they get wet and cold and frozen after your first run and they suck the rest of the day. By the time I get back onto the lift, I can't decide if it would be better to just brave the bitter wind or stick with the icicle stuck on my face.

Sure we could go with the ninja masks or balaclavas, but those park rats look pretty damn cool with their bandannas. So unless I split my board in two to conform to the standard conservative ski fare, I'm really not feeling the form fitting face gear. Plus I look like an idiot wearing the standard fare (see above).

In the end, we basically want the technical functionality of the ninja masks / balaclavas and the steeze of the bandannas. That's where our α mask comes in...

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