Saturday, January 24, 2009

Alpha Mask Sneak Peak

Bailed on Stratton this weekend since I really needed to catch up on some projects. I did take a bike ride earlier in the day when it was around 20° out so I could test out the mask away from the slopes. Terrible idea as my lungs were taking a beating sucking in all that ice cold wind, even through the mask.

We are meeting with the agent in a week to try to sort out what needs to be done with the next iteration of the samples. Another week after that, we might meet with the factory reps to gauge what their capabilities are in terms of a heavy-weight mask.

Anyway, Jonlin and I already had a list of changes to be made, as the meeting date draws near, I hope the list won't expand too much. Check the video for a sneak peak of one of the samples. Disregard the last 30 seconds of the video, had a hard time ending the stream with my gloves on while riding.

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