Friday, January 9, 2009

Farewell Utah!

I Ride Park City

So that's it, after seven days of riding, we are peacing out. This was my first trip to Utah and I had an awesome time riding the various mountains. The features at Park City are HUGE, definitely banged up my knee in the smaller parks, couldn't even fathom hitting the larger parks. In addition to Park City, we got to ride at Solitude, The Canyons, and Snowbird. Didn't hit up Brighton even though everyone gave it the thumbs up, or Powder Mountain and Snow Basin (car rental didn't have chains nor did it have AWD, couldn't afford it).

While we were here, we experienced moderate days, -12° temps, and even spring riding conditions. The dry pow is sort of a mixed bag, light enough to plow through it, but so many nasty surprises hidden in that pow.

I'll be coming back with another crew in early April so hopefully I'll get a chance to hit up the other mountains then. Will have to patch up my Stairmaster when I get home and look into a powder board for the pow days... or bring my 155 DH out of retirement?

Pictured above from left to right, Irbe, Beeker, Jonlin and me.

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