Sunday, January 18, 2009

Heavy masks for frigid temps?

Total downer. Over the weekend while in Puerto Rico for a wedding, Jonlin contacted me with some issues regarding the production that would pretty much delay the masks until late March. With the delay in mind, we pretty much decided that it would be better to just push the release of the Alpha lightweight mask to next spring... will keep you all updated. In the mean time, this might give us an opportunity to work on another product, perhaps a heavier mask for the more frigid temps in time for the beginning of the 2009-2010 season? We are welcoming any thoughts on the subject via Get Satisfaction.

So in terms of heavy masks, what's out there already? All the way on the heavy end of the face mask spectrum sits The ColdAvenger, a decent (I'm guessing) technical attempt at solving one of the worst aspects of wearing a mask while riding, the formation of icicles on the mask itself. Just short of a gas mask, I wouldn't be caught dead rocking one of these, but if the engineers at Talus could take some styling cues from say, the folks nearby at Thunderdog Studios, and actually make their piece look badass, I'd say they might get some pick up from riders. I'm not saying it should be as bulky as that Vader piece or traditional gas masks, but there must be some way of making the plastic ventilator assume a slimmer / lower-profile and make it look 'good'.

Laurus Snow
, brainchild of Darrell who I first met at Paragon while shopping for gear is already out in the market with a number of face mask collections. I first heard about Laurus from Darrell himself at a NYSG Happy Hour late in 2008. They aren't technical like The ColdAvenger, but they are definitely heavier than the Alpha mask we are producing. Fortunately they are pretty stylish, so you won't look like Mickey Mouse as seen in the photo above. Need a mask right now? Show some support for a fellow NYC-company!

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