Monday, January 26, 2009

Hoods to Woods Documentary

Showing some love for a fellow Brooklyn rider. Saw ShredUnion (more on those cats in a future post) join the "Hoods to Woods" group earlier today on Facebook so I thought I'd check it out. Turns out a nearby rider by the name of Brian Deka Paupaw discovered his love of snowboarding in college and hasn't looked back since.

Hoods to Woods™ is a documentary based on the story of Brian "Deka" Paupaw and his journeys from the inner city streets of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn to the deep powder backcountry mountains in North and South America. Through Brian's self told story, we experience how the culture of snowboarding transformed a life, once stifled by the social constraints of the streets, into one which is only bounded by the edge of a mountain.

I'm not expecting the sickest riding ever captured on film, or the best cinematography, but I definitely want to check this documentary out. It'll have a different POV compared to the other snowboarding movies out there. Additional information is available in Tim Brodhagen's post at Highsnobiety.

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