Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our name and branding

Happy New Year everyone! So with the new year comes the official launch of this blog. While the Alpha lightweight mask makes its way through production, we'll pass the time by giving you some behind the scenes look at the various stages of this little start up we've got going.

Details regarding the mask will be posted as the release date draws closer so don't worry, we'll definitely show you portions of the design process we have records of. Let's just say we spent a good amount of time in the Garment District poring through the endless rolls of fabrics and the fact that we didn't know how to sew definitely slowed us down a bit.

Qi, was the first name that Jonlin mentioned to me and it was certainly better than my attempts, Snomads (old name for a NYC snowboarding dlist I started), Nomads, Raiders... anyway, if you do a search for the word, you'll see that depending on how you pronounce it, it can mean different things, so I'll leave it up to you to project whatever meaning you want for the name. We feel that all of the meanings apply to snowboarding in one way or another so we feel comfortable moving forward without dictating an exact explanation of our name.

Many of the sketches you see here were based on the letter forms. In the end we settled upon a continuous path, not exactly as smooth flowing as a snowboarder's path, but more of a geometric abstraction of it. We worked with a rectangular and bolder version of it for a while before going back and sticking with the square and balanced version.

Thoughts & opinions?

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