Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ruining my board on a powder day at Snowbird

16" of powder, it came down all day and I was having a miserable time riding my Stairmaster. A few days ago I scoffed as everyone else in my crew started setting up their pow boards, pushing bindings back, etc. In previous trips to Whistler, I brought a powder board with me and never had any fun. So I figured this time, I'll just make do with my one board, a park board...

Well looks like I'm going to eat my words. Riding a Stairmaster on a pow day was awful. I lagged behind on every run, got stuck like crazy and had to hike more than I rode. On the very first run I had to hike about 50 yards and that just took everything out of me.

Even with all the pow, I somehow still rode through every piece of exposed rock on the mountain. Whether it was through the glades, ravines or accidentally riding off a cliff, I managed to find every piece of earth that could possibly damage my extruded base. Eight days on my new board and it's taken more damage than any other board I've ever owned... and all of it inflicted on the craziest pow day I ever experienced. So ironic.

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