Thursday, January 8, 2009

StOked Obama Die Cuts

Stoked (Obama) Diecut

Jonlin was a bit hesitant to link any political stance with Qi so for the record let's just say Qi has no political affiliations whatsoever. Cool? But personally, and perhaps this should go on my personal blog (I'll just cross-post), I'm glad I finally voted for the candidate who eventually won. Since I was legally allowed to vote I've always managed to pick the loser whether it be on the national or local level. Obama's the first candidate who has gone all the way for me. Huzzah! Poor McCain, I like the guy, but his party really ruined his campaign thrusting Palin onto the ticket.

I already mentioned the StOked die cut in a previous post (in case you didn't see it on my Stairmaster) and there's not much of an explanation to it. As with most of America, I was enthralled with the election and Obama's rise to prominence. So when I set out to create some other die cuts outside of the Qi identity I decided on a typographical design, working with the term Stoked which is in every rider's vocabulary. It only seemed natural to incorporate the logo designed by Sol Sender. Stoked for a pow day (or just to go riding at all) and of course, stoked for the inauguration in twelve days.

Here's to hope, change, pow and all the other good stuff in this world. I didn't score tickets to the inauguration so I'll be rocking my support on the slopes. I did hook up a close friend who will be attending with some die cuts, perhaps we can generate some PR for Qi? Oh as for the photo, that's the StOked die cut on my trusty ThinkPad (yeah, no Mac for this wannabe designer, can't afford them).

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