Monday, January 26, 2009

Thumbs down for DC Shoes' shipping depart.

Whether or not the eco-initiatives launched by the various snowboarding companies are credible or not I'd like to give them some points for at least trying. Then there's DC Shoes which is actually a company that I'm very fond of, and not just because of my initials.

It seems as though the eco-initiatives memo never made it to Ken Block and crew because my single order for 5 items came in today in 4 separate boxes (well one is supposed to arrive tomorrow).

Check out the ridiculous box for the cap alone. Their shipping department could have easily packed the cap first in the large box and laid the other items on top of the brim of the cap. It also doesn't make economic sense. They could've cut all the packages down to one box and save on shipping. Is their CFO aware of their shipping practices?

Anyway, while Quiksilver's other subsidiary, Mervin (which produces Lib Tech, Gnu and Bent Metal) is gaining press for their environmental friendliness, DC Shoes is zeroing out their efforts through shipping alone. I hear there are some issues with Quiksilver right now, they already sold off Rossignol and word on the street is that DC Shoes might go private again (makes sense to jettison them as well since their snowboards are manufactured by Rossignol anyway). I think I also read that Mervin wanted to leave the fold. Where does Roxy stand?

And if you are curious as to what Lib Tech stood for here's an excerpt from the article linked above:

"I pulled it out of the oven at 3 in the morning, and I saw this sparkly pattern on top and I wrote Liberace Technologies on it," he said, in reference to the flashy pianist. When Saari and Olson couldn't trademark the name, they settled on Lib Tech.

They also explained the Gnu name in that very same article:

"Gnu" came into being when he was taking a weekend marketing class that covered picking names for businesses.

"The teacher said to try and pick a name that's short, like three to four letters," he said. "I really liked Wildebeest, but that's definitely not three letters so I looked in the dictionary and beside it was 'Gnu.' " That first year he hand-built 36 Gnu snowboards.

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