Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Traversing, the bane of every snowboarder

In mid-December, while riding in Killington, a few of us started talking about how snowboarders really need a collapsible ski pole, something you can store in a pocket or clip onto your bindings or board. We all need some help when it comes to traversing those flat trails at every resort.

One of our friends jokingly said it should be our next product and I'm pleased to announce that... just kidding, we won't be offering any collapsible poles. You can readily purchase collapsible hiking and ski poles through your favorite retailer. If you want something a little more interesting, check out these sick pocket grappling hooks at Uncrate (via The Goat).

Anyone remember the old 80s cartoon, COPS? One of the characters, LongArm, had a handcuff grappling hook. Any enterprising rider want to try to put together something similar using the pocket grappling hooks above?

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