Sunday, February 1, 2009

Deadlines are apparently made to be broken

Here we are, face to face, without a mask on our face (well other than the samples we have on hand). Last fall, we chose February 1st as the day to launch the Alpha Mask, unfortunately our inexperience in manufacturing caught up to us and as I reported in January (see below) it doesn't look like we'll be able to launch anything this season. So in the meantime, as we regroup and hash out details for next season please join us at Get Satisfaction!

Total downer. Over the weekend while in Puerto Rico for a wedding, Jonlin contacted me with some issues regarding the production that would pretty much delay the masks until late March. With the delay in mind, we pretty much decided that it would be better to just push the release of the Alpha lightweight mask to next spring... will keep you all updated. In the mean time, this might give us an opportunity to work on another product, perhaps a heavier mask for the more frigid temps in time for the beginning of the 2009-2010 season? We are welcoming any thoughts on the subject via Get Satisfaction.

Anyway, we'll be meeting with the agent this coming weekend to go over the changes for the next batch of samples and I think we are meeting with the factory reps the week after. Will try to post up some initial screen print patterns, we decided it was worth paying a little extra to try to get some extra prints done, will try to get them posted here before the meeting to get some feedback.

Congratulations to Stillers nation! And... Happy February!

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