Sunday, February 15, 2009

Powder Mountain Perspective

Wow, I really don't give enough credit to powder, these guys make it look super fun. I'll be returning to Utah in late March / early April and if it dumps, I'm definitely going to convince the group to go north to Powder Mountain. Lets just hope we'll have AWD or chains on our rentals. On the last trip, the PT Cruiser was less than stellar in the wet and really prevented us from going far during powder days.

Sick that they are riding with a 5D Mark II like that. That's one expensive piece of equipment to be holding out there. Love the jacket featured on the rider at 2:30. It's the yellow one with black panels and white stripes. See the screenshot below. Did a little digging and found that it's the Volcom Gathering jacket in Multi Lime. Never really paid much attention to Volcom before, but I'll have to go to the store in SoHo to check out the quality and sizing.

By the way, in Killington right now, my Burton gloves are terrible. This is the third pair of Burton gloves I have and they never seem to last as long as my Dakine gloves. Can't wait for the spring season to hit so I can rock my Dakine pipe gloves.

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