Friday, February 27, 2009

The print that started it all

Thought we'd share the original print with you guys, it was the first one we settled on and the one printed onto our sample masks which you saw in action on my bike. Unfortunately while riding, we rarely stop to take photos so though I've worn the sample on every trip since we received them, we still don't have a photo of us rocking them on the slopes.

We've gotten a lot of comments about how it resembles a certain stigmatized symbol when the bottom half of the mask is zipped up into our jackets. We discussed dumping the print but ultimately decided to stick with it and instead introduce three additional designs. Yup, we are printing four patterns for our first run. Overall, the additional costs at the factory are negligible.

We are still working on the final print but nothing has been clicking. Trying to create something in homage to NYC, though Tomo has a point in the comments of a previous post, we should consider a print for Pittsburgh too. Comments on this print and your thoughts, ideas for the final print?


  1. If you had several iterations of this part of the logo (similar to the blue print but with this design) and say 2-3 of them next to each other or maybe opposite ends of the mask, may make it pretty interesting. I like the boldness of it, so I would suggest keeping the pattern with the same size/stroke width. As for a Pittsburgh print that would be very cool: black and gold, or white and gold.

  2. i think u could take an image that people can immediately relate nyc to, like the skyline, an apple, or whatever else you can come up with and bring ur logo into that image, like how they did on this website of the states of the usa into a heart image, very cool

    equally likewise with the 3 diamond images of the steelers logo u can input ur rideqi logo into it, might be cool because it would create texture too...