Thursday, March 19, 2009

Burton softgoods inspired by Dakine?

I'm pretty neutral on the Burton stuff. I know that their higher end stuff is decent and carries an acceptable warranty level by industry standards. Their lower end stuff though, I wouldn't touch with a stick. Burton pricing for substandard product. Jonlin and his brother have broken a few pairs of Burton Missions, I've gone through more Burton gloves than I care to remember and recently, the zipper on my Burton backpack broke and since it was outside of Burton's crappy one year warranty, I tossed it out (forgot that I purchased it from Backcountry, could've just returned it to them since they have an amazing lifetime guarantee).

Contrast that with Dakine's lifetime warranty on their products and you know which way I lean now when I purchase softgoods such as gloves and bags. In fact, I'm on my second Mission backpack, only because Elmo forced me to sell him my first one. While browsing Brociety earlier I was surprised to see a backpack by Burton that totally apes Dakine's styling.

Now just because it has a plaid design, or an earthy color scheme, or that the straps and pockets are similar, that doesn't mean it's a complete imitation. But when I first saw it, as a total package I thought it was a complete rip of Dakine's design which has remained largely the same for the last few generations. You Burton fanboys care to voice your opinion on this?


  1. It's called R & D. Research and duplicate.

  2. both burton and dakine use the same factory at times.