Thursday, April 16, 2009

European Love (Bataleon and Elan)

Season is pretty much over for those of us on the East Coast. So now we all must live vicariously through videos until the next season (or for the lucky few, South America in a few months). I've been a fan of the Bataleon boards since discovering their triple-base technology (can you believe TBT has been around since 1998?) and I totally dig their matte graphics. Unfortunately they hardly ever go on sale here in the States. Viewing the video above, I'm now a fan of their team too. I'm not sure why as the video seems pretty generic, maybe someone else can explain the team's pull.

Over in another part of Europe, Snowbroader has a great interview with Elan's John Colvin which sheds a lot of light on the industry. I remember my first season getting into the sport, Elan had some great videos up on their site showing each part of the board build process. Looks like a tradition of openess which they've continued.

Credit for the video goes to Angry.

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