Saturday, September 12, 2009

Burton Method & Fish Sidewalls

In a previous post I trashed Burton for their unoriginality when they seemingly copied Dakine's backpack designs. Well tonight I'm going to give them some props for pushing board tech. Though I just purchased a Hero and Fish last year I'm by no means a Burton fanatic. I rode my first five seasons without ever purchasing Burton hardgoods. I still think their products are priced too high but more power to them if they can find consumers to pay their premium.

I stopped by the Burton SoHo Store earlier today to pick up a copy of The Good Book. Since I wasn't in a hurry I perused the store checking out all the new equipment. The new Method caught my eye and I couldn't believe how light it was. The only other light board I ever saw in person was the Vapor and next to the Method it feels like a bag of bricks. Not sure how the Elan Inverse compares but I can't imagine any other board being as light. The new sidewall, new slimrail, is a nice touch, it feels and looks a lot sleeker than the traditional sidewalls. Don't know about the performance benefits but according to Hoon, overall, the board isn't very lively.

The new Fish also caught my eye and gave me some heartache. I saw the design earlier in the spring and already knew it was a step up over last year's Fish (in terms of graphics and the new rocker) which I purchased at the end of the season. The killer detail was its new sidewall as well, similar to the Method's, the surf rail really ties the board together nicely giving it a much higher quality feel. I couldn't help but think about a car's finish as I ran my hand down the edge. Anyone want to buy my unused Fish so I can pick this year's model up? Again, I have no idea about the performance benefits of the sidewall but as a total package it just feels so much better!

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