Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Some shots of the mask from last season

I was browsing through Sierra earlier tonight as usual and came upon a thread Forsnowboarding started regarding the α mask. Fellow Sierra members posed a number of questions which I'll try addressing with the photos below. Had to dig through my old Facebook and Flickr photos to find decent photos of the sample mask I rocked last season.

The first photo on the right gives you a better idea of the length, fortunately I must've just done a face-plant so you can see the bottom border of the mask against my black DC jacket.

The mask stays in place via the velcro in the back. Like other masks, just pull the mask tight on your face and velcro up the rear. The elastic ear bands which you can barely make out in the second smaller photo is optional but totally recommended if you either have a small face or you pull the mask up and down a lot which I do constantly. Yeah I know, I look like a dork with the mask tucked into my jacket. I don't usually do that but I got caught this time... but hey, to each their own. I'm not going to judge as long as you rock an α mask!

There's also a short crappy Qik video I posted up last year when I took the mask out for a bike ride in 20 degree weather.

Once I get my hands on my brother's PowerShot SD780 (I only have my phone right now which has a pretty terrible camera) I'll post up some photos of the elastic bands and a video of me putting a mask on.

Until then keep doing that snow dance because we need it... bad.

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