Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010! Win some schwag!

Happy New Year everyone! So you are probably sitting at your computer right now hungover wishing you hadn't drank so much so you could go our riding right? No worries, let's make this little computing session productive. How about some free schwag from Hoon including an Alpha mask?

A few weeks ago Hoon and I talked briefly about Ride Qi and the Alpha mask. Also dropped some other tidbits such as the correct pronunciation of our name =T. Head on over to Sierra Snowboard's Media section to read the interview!

So how do you win the schwag? Easy just give a shoutout! From Hoon himself: "The best "promotion" or shout-out of Ride Qi will win a free Alpha facemask plus stickers and maybe some other stuff from the Hoon closet. Get out there and promote Ride Qi, then report back in the comments section of this article. We'll choose a winner on 1/31/10."

Easy! Get on FB, Twitter or your favorite forum!

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  1. my MSN name is your website since JAN 1st and will be until JAN31st!!