Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quick shill! Thanks for the review Ray!

I was just browsing through my Tweetdeck earlier today and noticed a tweet that linked to the following review by Ray. A fellow Sierra Snowboard forum member, he first caught wind of our α masks in the thread Stefan (Forsnowboarding) started to mention the free mask contest he was running. Ray ended up purchasing six masks over three orders and wrote a great review for them, here's an excerpt below. For the full review please click here, Ride Qi Alpha Facemask Review.

I used the Ride Qi α Facemask during a two week snowboarding trip in Utah. I wore the mask in windy, 9 degree, weather as well as on 40 degree bluebird days. The mask performed well in any condition. It does let a fair amount of wind through the breathable material, but not enough to make it uncomfortable. The breathability actually keeps the material dry and is a welcome change to the suffocation you feel when wearing a balaclava or bandana.

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